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Zendfast co-founded by UCD Smurfit School Professor Supply Chain Management

  • Date: Fri, Mar 3, 2017

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IRELAND’s top tech and supply chain entrepreneurs and academics have pooled their efforts and skills to launch a new, disruptive technology that does for same-day deliveries what Uber did for the taxi industry world-wide. totally redefines same-day delivery services and allows customers track and trace their package at all times on their phone and other devices. The ground-breaking, online technology platform uses crowdsourcing to connect businesses or individuals to a wide network of couriers. It offers customers a cost effective, online and on-demand courier connection service for everything from urgent legal documents to builder supplies, prescription medications to large parcels.

Zendfast has been rolled out in Dublin but with the support and backing of Enterprise Ireland, those behind the new service say they’ll be launching it in other key capitals worldwide soon.

Customers are connected to couriers in a fast, secure, friendly and reliable way through mobile phones, tablets or PCs. The technology offers automated online payment, real time package tracking, mobile phone alerts, delivery confirmation and a courier rating facility.

A customer who wants an item delivered enters job details on Zendfast’s secure site,, including type of delivery (on-demand, same day), approximate size and weight, preferred pickup time and appropriate mode of transport.

The Zendfast system notifies the appropriate, approved and screened couriers with the job details, allowing one of them to choose to undertake the delivery. The customer is then informed of the courier’s details and when to expect the pickup, Zendfast CEO, Declan Murray, explained.

Mr Murray is a former Director of Irish Express Cargo Ltd, Global Logistics Director with Flextronics Ltd, and Operations Manager with Kuehne and Nagel Ltd. He has teamed up with Geoff Boyle, a co-founder of online insurer as well as Prof Brian Fynes, a Professor of Supply Chain Management at UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School and Robert Campbell, Former Director of Precision Software, to bring Zendfast to market.

Zendfast is different in that the moment a package is picked up, the customer and recipient can track and trace the package on its journey to its destination, Mr Murray explained. “Payment for delivery is completed through our secure, online automated service when proof of delivery is confirmed. All of our couriers undergo a detailed and thorough vetting process and a list of what we will and won’t transport is clearly outlined on our site,” Mr Murray added.

For added security and to guarantee transparency and prevent abuse of the service, cash transactions are not allowed and payment can only be made by credit card. Nobody can use a telephone to request a job and all job entry details are recorded online. Customers who wish to use the system must also pre-register with Zendfast and they record and verify every email address.

All appropriate couriers are notified over the system and can also choose deliveries from a list of available jobs. Once delivery is confirmed, the system will make a payment transfer from the customer to Zendfast. Couriers are sent a regular statement and are paid automatically.

“The business model is very similar to Uber but it's for same-day parcel deliveries. We’ve rolled out the service in Dublin first and the reaction has been very encouraging. Enterprise Ireland has supported us every step of the way. Zendfast’s re-definition of same-day delivery is equally relevant anywhere in the world. We are already planning to launch the Zendfast service in other international cities.

“It is most attractive to any organisation or individual who has a need for same day deliveries e.g. hospitals, pharma, the motor trade sending or requiring car parts, professional services (finance, legal), gift companies, restaurant suppliers etc etc. is unique in that many companies today can only deliver same day if they get an order before a certain time. We can deliver same day with much later pick-up times. Zendfast rates are also more competitive and costs do not increase with weight. Zendfast also offers real-time tracking whereas most courier companies will only send the customer a text to say they’ll be at your address between specific times,” Mr Murray concluded.

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