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Master of Science (Singapore)

Programme Overview

The Master of Science programme in Singapore is especially designed for those wishing to pursue advanced business studies and concentrate on a specific discipline such as HRM, Marketing or Finance.

The programme provides students the opportunity to improve their capacity for strategic thinking, autonomous learning, innovative and agile problem-solving and advanced critical enquiry. Students of this programme will acquire the ability to reflect critically, engage ethically and increase their understanding of the international business world.

UCD provides a transformative learning environment which pushes programme participants to strategically assess business practices and theories, individually or collectively within a team environment, in order to enhance individual and team capacities for management, critical enquiry, ethical governance, leadership and strong interpersonal engagement.

The MSc programme is based on a stimulating curriculum structured upon exciting teaching, learning and assessment approaches designed by leading experts in their fields of business. The innovative learning atmosphere draws on in-class participation, teamwork and online fora. Moreover, programme participants will learn to navigate the global business environment using case studies, project work, in-class debate, presentations and online resources reinforced by a wealth of knowledge from our teaching faculty. Students will also have the opportunity to undertake a primary research project that reflects the importance of a research-led pedagogy within an area of their choice.

With both full-time and part-time offers of this degree in Singapore, we have a programme that will suit a variety of timeframes.

View the Master of Science Curriculum for 2022 below:

Master of Science Curriculum 2022

Core Modules      Credits
  BMGT4061S Global Strategic Management 10
  BMGT4062S Leadership and Org Behaviour 10
  MIS4015S Analysis for Business 10
Pathway Modules*       
Digital Marketing  MKT4010S Brand Management 10
                MKT4012S Corporate Marketing Strategy 10
       MKT4013S Digital Mkt & Social Media Mgt 10
Project Management and SCM BMGT4064S Supply Chain Management 10
     BMGT4066S Global Logistics Management 10
        BMGT4068S Project Management 10
Management  BMGT4071S Org Change & Mgt Consultancy 10
  BMGT4072S Technology Mgt and Innovation 10
  BMGT4073S Responsible Business & Sustain 10
Applied Management Skills BMGT4063S Applied Company Project 10
  BMGT4065S B Simulation & Prof Comp 10
  HRM4018S HR Analytics for Managers 10
FinTech FIN4020S Financial Technology 10
  FIN4021S Investment Management 10
  FIN4022S Finance & Analytics 10
Analytics for Managers MIS4013S Managing Digital Business 10
       MIS4014S Strat Dec Making in DigiWorld 10
  MIS4016S Management Support Systems 10
Human Resource Management HRM4016S Managing in MNCs 10
  HRM4017S Talent Management 10
  HRM4019S Present and Future of Work 10

*Student must take all core modules. In addition, students will take TWO groups of option Modules. Student MUST take all modules from their chosen grouped Modules. Students cannot take modules across the grouped modules. Students must take all three modules from this group if taking the HRM specialisation

How to Apply

Applications for the Master of Science programme in Singapore are managed by our partner institution, Kaplan Higher Education Singapore.  They will answer any questions you may have regarding our application process. Please follow the link below for further information on the application process:


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