We are focussed on driving innovation and discovery within our community of world-class researchers. The Faculty Insights Series is a series of faculty interviews designed to keep you informed of latest research and thinking across a wide range of business disciplines.

Dr. Donna Marshall - Professor in Supply Chain Management

"Tackling Problems Inherent in Complex Global Supply Chains"

Prof. Ronan Powell - Professor of Corporate Finance

"Do Irish tax payer funded R&D grants generate a return"

Dr. Marius Claudy - Lecturer in Marketing

"Developing and marketing sustainable products"

Prof. Jan Rosier - Elan Professor of the Business of Biotechnology

"Strategic considerations in the changing landscape of the Biopharma industry."

Prof. Eamonn Walsh - PwC Professor of Accounting

"Are leases just a devious way of hiding company debt?"

Prof. Mark Pagell - Chair in Global Leadership

"Why stopping for the yellow light is faster"

Dr. Paula Carroll - Centre for Business Analytics

"Business Analytics and Operations Research"

Prof. Michael O'Neill - ICON Chair of Business Analytics

"Natural Computing and Smart Business Systems "

Prof. Mary Lambkin - Professor of Marketing

"Mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy - Is bigger better?”

Prof. Donncha Kavanagh - Professor of Information and Organisation

"Disruptive Technologies, Bitcoin and the Blockchain "

Prof. Pat Gibbons - Professor of Strategic Management

"Strategic Management of Enterprises "

Prof. Niamh Brennan - Michael MacCormac Professor of Management

"The role of culture, behavior and psychology in boardrooms"

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