The Marketing Group at UCD has an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching. The mission of the Marketing Group is to provide leadership in the teaching and practice of marketing through international-standard research and scholarly publications and by communicating marketing knowledge through excellence via our taught programmes.

The interaction between research and teaching is one of the key features distinguishing leading business schools around the world. We clearly recognise the link between research and teaching and strenuously promotes the development of high quality research.

The Marketing Group has a specific commitment to research and publication and the volume and range of its output strongly reflects this commitment. Each group member has brought distinct ideas and experience to bear in his/her research resulting in a valuable and rewarding diversity of topics and approach.

Our Faculty

UCD Business Impact Podcast

The ‘UCD Business Impact’ Podcast features thought leaders from the world of academia and industry discussing the most compelling issues affecting our lives from a business perspective. These conversations will offer insight, spark curiosity and challenge you to rethink how you do business in a changing world.

A World Transformed: Marketing Strategies in the Age of a Pandemic

Professor Mary Lambkin-Coyle, Marketing

Mary Lambkin-Coyle, Professor of Marketing and author of the influential Consumer Market Monitor, discusses how the marketing world has changed overnight and how companies can mitigate challenges and pitfalls. 



Retail Therapy

Professor Damien McLoughlin, Marketing

A leader in business strategy, Professor Damien McLoughlin reveals how valuing staff and not fearing Amazon are keys to the retail industry's future.


The Politics of the Mask

Assistant Professor Julie Schiro, Marketing

Dr Julie Schiro, Assistant Professor of Marketing, on why wearing a facemask has become so politically charged and socially challenging. Her new study explores mask-wearing behaviour and how people weigh up threats to physical health versus social acceptance. 


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