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John Geary and Lisa Wilson on Job Quality in Ireland

  • Date: Mon, Dec 4, 2023

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Report: Job Quality in Ireland

In this report, Professor John Geary, UCD College of Business, and Dr Lisa Wilson, Senior Economist at the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI), examine the quality of people’s jobs in Ireland's labour market.

Drawing from data collected in UCD’s Working in Ireland Survey (WIIS), 2021, the report identifies where the good and poor jobs are and who occupies them, while estimating the proportion of the workforce that occupies jobs in either of these categories and other jobs in-between of varying levels of quality. An analysis of this depth and rigour has never been undertaken before in Ireland.

The links between job quality and workers’ health and well-being are well-established and underpin the productive performance of an economy. Relatedly, these findings will help employers and policy-makers to better appreciate what actions need to be taken to improve people’s job quality. The report also provides a statistical and analytical rigorous benchmark against which future changes in the quality of people’s jobs in Ireland might be assessed.

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