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Our Alumni are the ultimate ambassadors of the UCD Smurfit School learning experience. They provide the most concrete proof of the excellence that typifies our School. Watch the video below to find out more from alumni of the Master of Accounting and the key role it has played in their career progression.  Or visit our MSc Alumni Stories page and Video Gallery to learn even more about the experiences of our graduates.

Victoria O’Gorman

Master of Accounting '14, Senior Financial Analyst, Investment Assurance, CRH plc

I chose to do the MAcc at UCD Smurfit School due to its reputation for best in class lecturers, global ranking and triple accreditation. As barriers continue to dissipate in the global business network, studying in a school of business with an international reputation was highly appealing. The MAcc extended beyond theoretical based learning to an interactive environment where we were encouraged to actively participate in problem solving by applying our technical knowledge to real life practical examples.

Laura Kelly

Master of Accounting '16, Audit Assistant Manager, Deloitte

The reputation and accreditations which UCD Smurfit School holds are just some of the reasons that I choose to apply for the MAcc. From the outset it was clear to see the experience, knowledge, dedication and passion that was shared by lecturers and staff alike to support the success of the students. The MAcc provided me with a strong foundation in a wide array of subject matters, with a focus on both technical knowledge as well as practical application of the concepts in a collaborative environment. An added appeal was the ability to complete the tax summer school as part of the curriculum and obtain further exemptions from the Part II CTA exams. Ultimately the experience I gained on the MAcc, combined with the alumni network that I developed, equipped me with the tools to succeed in both my professional qualifications and my career.

Ross Duffy

Ross Duffy, Master of Accounting '19, Tax Associate, PwC

The MAcc at UCD Michael Smurfit Business School will ensure success in qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, but more importantly the MAcc will set you apart from your peers as you work both in Ireland and further afield. I completed the MAcc at UCD Smurfit Business School on account of it being Ireland’s leading business school, providing an outstanding quality of teaching and a supportive learning environment. The MAcc will give you the professional and analytical skills, along with solid technical knowledge, to support you during your training contract, professional exams and future career, wherever that may take you.

Victoria O'Gorman, Senior Financial Analyst, Investment Assurance at CRH,
Master of Accounting


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UCD Business Alumni comprises a global network of over 98,000 graduates in over 100 countries. The key focus of UCD Business Alumni is to help our business graduates keep in touch with colleagues, classmates, academics and the wider business community through a range of alumni activities and supports. Our goal is to create a strong alumni community and network, with the school as the focal point.  We are focused on building a life-long mutually beneficial relationship with graduates to ensure that they are constantly informed and engaged through regular events, reunions and communications. 

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