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Our Alumni are the ultimate ambassadors of the UCD Smurfit School learning experience. They provide the most concrete proof of the excellence that typifies our School. Watch the video below to find out more from alumni of the MSc in International Business and the key role it has played in their career progression.  Or visit our MSc Alumni Stories page and Video Gallery to learn even more about the experiences of our graduates.

Soufana Al Fathil

Soufana Al Fathil, MSc in International Business '20, Sales Development Representative (MENA region) at Salesforce

My time at Smurfit and in the MSc International Business programme really gave me the foundations for an exciting career in Business Development. The modules that were taught across the three semesters broadened my horizons in relation to the latest updates in the world of business and gave me the tools to analyse and understand the changes around us. One of my favorite modules was Cross Cultural Management, where our professor really stressed the importance of the society we lived in and all the underlying behaviors that make up each of our personalities and how we interact in a global environment. This really helped me understand my global cohort better and has helped tremendously when I speak to my customers across the Emerging Market region.

John Byrne

John Byrne, MSc International Business '14, Account Executive at 

"It was a privilege to study at UCD Smurfit School. The MSc in International Business has given me a theoretical and practical grounding in global issues across a range of business areas including strategy, management and even finance. The diversity within this Masters allowed me to refine my interests and realise that research within management was the career path that I wanted to pursue.  Another aspect of this degree is the international diversity of students on the course which gave me the opportunity to make friends and future connections from all over the world. This, for me, was an added bonus and highly rewarding. I am also glad that I had the opportunity to study at UCD Smurfit School as the academic and support staff there was consistently helpful, encouraging and supportive all the way through. Looking back, I believe there is nowhere in the country that could rival this experience."

Jessica Murphy

Jessica Murphy, MSc International Business '19, ISV Customer Program Manager at Microsoft

“The experience I gained has given me a new perspective on the global business world. It has taught me invaluable tools which have enhanced my knowledge of global marketing, cross cultural management, project management and financial management. The programme has also enabled me to build a strong network of individuals from different parts of the world.” 


Filippo Carli

Filippo Carli, MSc International Business '20, Business Development Team Lead at Datadog 

The MSc International Business gave me the possibility to understand international firms’ best practices to gain competitive advantage. I particularly appreciated its holistic and practical approach. Not only I had chance to work in project groups with people from all around the world, but I could also get in contact with multinational companies headquartered in Dublin. This combination is the key if you are eager to kick off your international career. I was part of a great group of friends and today we are all working for big corporates. If I look back, my experience in the MSc International Business was more than positive.

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UCD Business Alumni comprises a global network of over 98,000 graduates in over 100 countries. The key focus of UCD Business Alumni is to help our business graduates keep in touch with colleagues, classmates, academics and the wider business community through a range of alumni activities and supports. Our goal is to create a strong alumni community and network, with the school as the focal point.  We are focused on building a life-long mutually beneficial relationship with graduates to ensure that they are constantly informed and engaged through regular events, reunions and communications. 

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