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What will I learn?

On successful completion of this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of important management ideas, frameworks and models. You will learn how to use accounting methods and financial statements to make effective management decisions, marketing strategies to improve your company's financial performance among others. You will have expanded your analytical capacity to comprehend and assess real business environments and challenges and will be supported in your learning through a range of supports from faculty and staff.  In addition, by working in groups and participating in a range of extra curricular workshops and seminars, you will be encouraged to develop your personal and professional skills.


How will I benefit?

This course offers a broad range of management subjects and the experience of a very diverse classroom environment.  Both contribute to an especially rich learning experience that typically results in a host of employment opportunities in highly reputable international companies.  Our MSc Management programme is:

  1. One of the most comprehensive courses with one of the most diverse student bodies at UCD Smurfit School.  This makes for a truly unique academic and practical grounding in business.
  2. Facilitated by internationally educated academics and industry experts who bring a range of experiences and industry-relevant know-how to their classrooms.
  3. Students have the opportunity to develop interpersonal, communication and leadership skills through teamwork, case discussions, presentations and the business simulation exercise. 
  4. An attractive recruitment ground for an array of international companies, including AIB, Coca-Cola, Henkel, Unilever, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Paypal, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Google.


The intensive grounding in management provided is reflected in the breadth and depth of the twelve core modules that all students have to take over the twelve months on the course.

Students take four core modules in each of the three trimesters. Registration for summer modules takes place in March.

Autumn Trimester Spring Trimester Summer Trimester

Please be advised that the above reflects the 2023/2024 curriculum structure and is subject to change each year.  

The MSc Management programme is aimed at students who are looking to enhance their prior qualifications with a business/management specialisation (Purpose).

We encourage students to be active, courageous and autonomous learners, whose objective is to both understand and challenge current approaches to management and to make strides in reimagining a future practice of management (Education and subject/discipline/professional values).

We value research-led learning and thus aim to provide a learning environment that will nurture informed and critical approaches to the study of management (the nature of the learning environment for students).

This programme focuses on approaches such as case study analysis, group project work and business skills development. By participating in a strategy simulation exercise, students have an opportunity to experience the difficulties associated with management in a dynamic competitive market (key approaches to teaching, learning and assessment).

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

Programme Goals:

Programme Learning Outcomes:

Programme Goal 1: To develop management knowledge - On graduating this programme, students will be current in management theory and practice.

Articulate and explain current theory and practice underpinning management.

Analyse different business/organisational contexts by drawing on a variety of frameworks, concepts and tools. Make recommendations on potential courses of action.

Programme Goal 2: To expand communication capacity - Graduates will have experience working in terms and be competent in preparing and delivering oral/written presentations using appropriate media.

Prepare and communicate oral/written presentations on a variety of management/business topics.

Effectively engage and contribute in multi-cultural teams.

Programme Goal 3: To nurture strategic thinking - Our graduates will be attentive to the importance of synthesis.

Appreciate and be able to synthesise the multiple perspectives that exist in organisations and appreciate how decisions and actions in one function can impact outcomes in others.


Programme Goal 4: To promote ethical and socially responsive behaviour - Students will be exposed to ethical and social dilemmas and will explore the implications for managerial action.

Understand ethical codes of conduct and standards in private/non-private organizational contexts and be able to demonstrate an ability to apply appropriate ethical codes of conduct.


Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

Our optional Global Leadership Programme (GLP) offers you a unique opportunity to engage in a diverse range of co-curricular professional development activities alongside the modules you take on the Master's programme. Participation in the GLP can give you an advantage over similarly qualified job candidates and increase your readiness for success in the workplace.

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