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The MSc in Quantitative Finance from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is highly regarded within the financial services industry. 

90% of our graduates from this programme were employed after 6 months across a range of industry sectors. Source: Latest Graduate Outcomes Survey, published in December 2023.

Potential careers for our graduates include:

Alumni Insights

Tanvi Singh

MSc Quantitative Finance 2022, Quantitative Analyst at Copenhagen Energy Trading

“Coming from a computer engineering background, MSc Quantitative Finance was a perfect mix of both the foundations of financial knowledge as well as applying a quantitative approach to making better decisions in the financial markets. While I was proficient in coding when I joined the program, I had no experience in modelling data to simulate real-world market scenarios and how to leverage that to optimize decisions. The skills I’ve gained at UCD Smurfit have allowed me to contribute effectively to my team as a Quantitative Analyst at Copenhagen Energy Trading, a Danish energy trading firm which is currently trading on grids across the European continent. The Numerical Methods and Advanced Statistical Methods course prepared me with skills which are required to develop effective algorithmic models for trading in real markets. Moreover, the diverse environment and mix of people at UCD Smurfit have helped me gain a much wider perspective. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s seeking to work in the quantitative area of financial markets!”

Nathan Talbot

MSc Quantitative Finance 2020, Assistant Portfolio Manager at Renaissance Reinsurance

"Coming from a Economics and Finance background I found the first semester helpful for solidifying my foundations in financial knowledge, but in the second semester I learnt all the quantitative technical skills that allow me to operate at a high standard in my current role as an Investments/Portfolio Analysts for a Bermudan based reinsurance company, where we manage a $22bn portfolio. The Numerical methods, Econometrics, Adv statistics and Fixed Income classes gave me the foundations to tackle the rigorous analytical world of Fixed Income products. The facilities and colleagues at UCD Smurfit are second to none in Ireland and I would recommend the course to anyone seeking a career in Investments."

UCD Careers Network

The UCD Smurfit Career Development Centre team will work with you to define your career path and support you in developing the career-related skills, know-how, and confidence to pursue your post-MSc career goals.

Our holistic programme is designed to support you at key points in your career development.  Our programme is structured into three key stages, designed to support you in building and driving your own career.

A variety of workshops, events, one-to-one career appointments and access to a range of online tools and resources prepare you for future opportunities. 

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