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What will I learn?

The course offers both a solid academic grounding in the concepts and practices of Supply Chain Management and direct contact with the experience and expertise of professionals from the field.

A 360-degree view of the profession, from supplier development and management, through to innovation generation and customer relationship management, all seen through the lens of sustainability.

The skills and techniques required to succeed and foster change in the industry, including strategy, management, leadership, critical thinking, negotiation and organisation.

Market-relevant experience and know-how via a consulting project conducted with leading organisations at the forefront of Sustainable Supply Chain Management innovation.

How will I benefit?

  1. The course has been structured to ensure that students simultaneously learn the theories and practices integral to the profession whilst also boosting their suitability for recruitment by the very companies that employ supply chain management techniques.
  2. The combination of cutting-edge theory and knowledge dispensed by leading academics in the field and real experience of supply chain issues via corporate involvement in the course.
  3. Opportunities for students to showcase their knowledge and employability are boosted by the dedicated supply chain careers fair held during the course.
  4. Diverse, international job opportunities with multinational firms from a variety of countries and industries, including Deloitte, Eyeon, Accenture, Apple, Meta and Zara.


Whether taking the course on a full-time basis or part-time via classes during the working day, students must complete a wide-ranging combination of core and option modules (6 + 1), as well as the Sustainable Supply Chain Project in the Summer Trimester.

Conducted over the summer term in groups of students, and supervised by leading researchers and organisations, the Sustainable Supply Chain Project offers the ultimate bridge between classroom-based learning and the realities of sustainable supply chain management in practice. 

Autumn Trimester

Core ModulesSpring Trimester

Summer Trimester

Core modules

Core modules

Core module

Plus 1 option module

Please be advised that the above reflects the 2023/2024 curriculum structure and is subject to change each year. Option modules listed are indicative of what has been delivered in previous years and are also subject to change.

The MSc in Sustainable Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive programme that helps students gain the knowledge, theory and skills behind the management of resources, relationships, suppliers and customers within business networks. Prospective students from all disciplines targeting the Supply Chain Management profession can apply to take this programme. The programme will provide students with a 360-degree view of the profession, from supplier development and management, through to innovation generation, customer relationship management and sustainability.

We value interactive and collaborative learning and a diverse and engaged classroom. We strive to graduate informed, agile, critical thinkers and doers. Our graduates will possess cutting-edge knowledge in the field of supply chain management and operations (education and subject/discipline/professional values).  

We aim to provide a learning environment that encourages students to deeply engage with the material covered in each module and to actively draw on the collective experiences of their fellow students. Seminars, workshops and application-based activities are key elements in the programme design (the nature of the learning environment for students).

In addition to lectures and workshops, students work individually and in small groups on projects, case studies, simulations and class presentations. Students will gain market-relevant experience and the benefit of professional know-how via a consulting project conducted with a leading MNC. Assessment is through a blend of continuous assessment and end-of-semester examinations. Continuous assessment includes both individual and group work (key approaches to teaching, learning and assessment).

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

Programme Goals:

Programme Learning Outcomes:

Programme Goal 1: Be an informed and talented supply chain graduate  

Critically evaluate the theoretical foundations of Supply Chain Management.

Apply appropriate frameworks and techniques to supply chain problems.

Programme Goal 2: Be a socially and emotionally intelligent graduate  

Lead and manage a supply chain project to successful completion.

Programme Goal 3: Be a passionate and ambitious supply chain professional  

Formulate a real-world industrial supply chain challenge using quantitative and qualitative heuristics.

Analyse and synthesise relevant data and provide a roadmap for implementation of appropriate solution(s). 


Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

Our optional Global Leadership Programme (GLP) offers you a unique opportunity to engage in a diverse range of co-curricular professional development activities alongside the modules you take on the Master's programme. Participation in the GLP can give you an advantage over similarly qualified job candidates and increase your readiness for success in the workplace.

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