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MSc in Project Management Online (Part-Time)

Alumni Insights

Our alumni are business leaders and include top professionals in local and international companies across the globe. Learn more about the MSc in Project Management (Part Time) as our Alumni share their stories and discuss the role that this Masters has played in their career progression.

Diana Andzane

Partner Operations Specialist @ Sitecore

"Embarking on the part-time Master's in Project Management at UCD while juggling a full-time profession and parenting has been a game-changer. The remote flexibility of the course catered seamlessly to my hectic schedule. The first semester's exploration of project management methodologies and the team leadership module has significantly organised both my professional and personal life. A standout aspect is the diverse cohort, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds, professions, and locations. Notably, I've learned from my peers no less than from the lectures. This program goes beyond task management; it's a transformative journey, refining strategic vision and instilling a structured approach to life's challenges."

Brenda Picard

MSc Project Management 2022, Global Training Operations, Regional Manager (EMEA) at Microsoft 

“The course is a mixture of group work and individual assignments so it's very much a team atmosphere and fellow students were all supportive of one another. There was a great mix of cultures and genders. With UCD, there's that extra bit that you get, it pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It drives you to where you might not have gone before. Another standout feature was the flexibility of the programme & of the lectures - working with you and your strengths.”

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