All categories are open to broadcast, print and online media.

With the exception of the Specialist Business Reporter of the Year (Category D) and Upcoming Journalist of the Year (Category F), entrants are only permitted to enter one article/piece per submission.

The Business News Story of the Year Award will recognise a story which breaks a news item of significance about a business, sector or the economy, most often over a limited period of hours or days. This category rewards quick reactions and fast background research of a breaking story that should either be of general interest and/or have a strong impact on the subject of the story, the sector within which it operates, its stakeholders or on stock markets. The submitted article should display excellent research, initiative and investigative ability and be precise and factual in its content.

Business Podcast of the Year will recognise one episode of a podcast that tells a compelling story or reveals a new business insight into a sector, story, topic or interview with a business person/people. The episode will be created in a way that keeps listeners engaged, has high production values and is edited to ensure that ideas emerge in a clear way. The host’s opinion is equally as important as the interviewee’s as we are looking for an episode that captivates listeners and facilitates a greater understanding of the issues discussed. Entrants are asked to nominate a single episode for their application. In the cover note of your submission, please outline other topics you cover in the podcast series (if applicable) and how the treatment of the topic is different to other mediums.

The Business Feature of the Year will be awarded for a colourful, well-constructed and analytical profile or feature showcasing great journalism, which takes a deeper look at a business story or issue and through a broadcast or written article facilitates a greater understanding of the issue among the general public and/or the business community.

The Specialist Business Reporter of the Year recognises in-depth reporting in specialist business fields in areas including, but not limited to: media and marketing; personal finance; technology; business legal reporting; and trade/sectoral publications. The story should be of general public interest or make complex issues in the specialist area understandable to audiences. Entrants can submit a portfolio of up to two pieces showcasing their quality of reporting over the year.

Business Interview of the Year is a category which recognises an interview with a business person or person of significant influence to the business community by providing rich insights into the subject of the interview and their business or sector which ultimately facilitates a greater understanding of the interviewee, their business, sector or a story or issue in which they have a key influence or involvement.

The Upcoming Journalist of the Year category is open to entrants who have been working as business journalists for three years or less. Entrants must include a personal declaration and confirmation from their editor that the nominated journalist's experience does not exceed three years as at 1st September 2021. *Entrants in this category may not have worked as a business journalist (in a paid or unpaid capacity) prior to 31st August 2018. Entrants in this category must submit three pieces of journalistic content from the last 12 months: 9th September 2020 to 8th September 2021.

*8 September 2021 update


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