1. All entries must be submitted online via the online entry form.
  2. Entrants may enter up to a maximum of 3 categories.
  3. Entrants may only enter each category once. (Exception - a second submission in the same category will be accepted in the case where individuals are also part of a team submission and clearly named in the group by-line.)
  4. Entrants may not submit the same piece in multiple categories. (Exception - entrants to the Upcoming Journalist category may enter a piece submitted in that category to another category in the awards)
  5. For Categories A, B, C & E – entrants are only permitted to submit one piece/article
  6. For Category D & F – entrants can submit up to 2 pieces/articles
  7. For Category G (Upcoming Journalist of the Year)– entrants must submit a portfolio of 3 pieces from the last 12 months. Entrants for Category G must also provide a personal declaration and confirmation from their Editor that the applicant's business journalism experience does not exceed 3 years as at 1st September 2024.
  8. Entries can be made as an individual submission (1 person), a joint entry (2 people) or on behalf of a team ( 3 people or more).
  9. As part of the online application process, applicants are required to upload a typed Cover Letter, no more than 450 words. The cover letter is an important part of the application and should be used to describe the context in which the article was created. The following points / questions should be addressed, within 450 words, which will weigh heavily during the judging process.
    • Please include the title of your submission(s)
    • Why do you believe your submission should win the award?
    • How was the story obtained? Was it assigned or based on your own investigative efforts?
    • What time parameters were you working within? How did you provide excellence within these parameters?
    • Describe your media platform and how this influences your work. (Ex. Busy daily, Sunday paper, digital long form, etc.)
    • Additional information that demonstrates excellence in this category and in business journalism.
    • Please indicate within the cover letter if this is an individual submission (one person), a joint entry (2 people) or on behalf of a team (3 people or more).
  10. For print entries, entrants should upload a copy of the published article in high-resolution PDF format (scanned copies of published work are also acceptable) AND a Word version of the article.
  11. For broadcast entries (including podcast) and online media entries, entrants should submit a URL link to the piece being submitted. Where a URL link is not available, entrants can send the related MP3/MP4 file to orla.wrynn@ucd.ie.
  12. Entries being submitted must have been first broadcast or published between 4th September 2023 and 4th September 2024.
  13. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 4th September 2024 at 5pm.
  14. Please carefully review the terms and conditions before making a submission as failure to adhere to any of the terms and conditions or entry requirements may render an entry invalid.

Online entry will open in August 2024


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