UCD Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation

Who are we?

UCD Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO) is home to a multi-disciplinary research community.  Housed primarily within UCD’s College of Business, our local community of researchers is embedded within a wider network of international scholars who share specific concerns about, and orientations to, a variety of contemporary technical/social challenges. 

UCD CITO – Our Shared Project

We live in a technological age in which our practices, infrastructures, institutions, and whole ways of being are shaping and being shaped by technology. It is an age marked by tremendous possibility and opportunity but also heightened levels of anxiety, alienation, nihilism and divisiveness – all occurring within a global context of rising economic inequality and destructive forms of environmental exploitation.

Our shared project at UCD CITO is one of care for the institutions and communities that enact our current and future collective humanity. We aim to offer informed critical and constructive commentary on the growing technologisation of human and organisational life and, by so doing, to interrogate what it means to be human in a technological age. More specifically, our research activities are concerned with understanding and assessing the cultural and political dynamics of the technosocial change processes that continue to animate contemporary ways of working, organising, governing and living. We endeavour to play a role in actively shaping the development of our organisations and broader social institutions in ways that might better serve future generations of workers, managers, leaders, policy makers, citizens, and the broader world that will sustain them.

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