Our research addresses the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of Ireland and the world at large. We have devised a number of focused research groupings which interlink the interests of our subject areas and which are underpinned by high-quality, impactful research and scholarship.

UCD Centre for Business Analytics (CBA)

Business Analytics is about using the ever-increasing amount of data we have available internally and externally to improve insight into our business and to drive better, more focused decisions. It is an exciting new course built in response to a recognised skills shortage in Ireland. It is a growing and important part of the modern business world where data is a key source of information on how to move companies forward.

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UCD Centre for Business and Society (CeBaS)

CeBaS is a large, multi-disciplinary centre with over 30 full-time faculty, as well as postdoctoral researchers and PhD researchers, representing all aspects of business. As a community CeBaS wants to understand and contribute to the role of business and business education in shaping a better society. It had its first Centre review by the Academic Council for Centre Committee and was commended on the success of the centre with members publishing approx. 120 journal articles and winning over €4m in funding since its inception in 2017. 

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UCD Centre for Corporate Governance

To meet the growing educational needs of company directors, the UCD Centre for Corporate Governance was established in 2002. The Centre's research faculty actively promote research in corporate governance and publish papers and reports on a wide variety of corporate governance topics.

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ERC Project - Labour Politics and the EU’s New Economic Governance Regime (European Unions)

This European Research Council project aims to explore the challenges and possibilities that the new EU governance regime poses to labour politics and the methodological nationalism in the field.

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MISFIRES started in August 2018 and is an EU H2020 European Research Council project on market failures in healthcare. The aim of the project is to make healthcare markets more participatory and to innovate together for better markets. It is funded through a Consolidator Award of €2m over five years.

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UCD Centre for Financial Markets (CFM)

The UCD Centre for Financial Markets (CFM) is Ireland’s leading centre dedicated to fundamental research relating to financial markets, how they work and how agents interact with them. The CFM provides a forum for research training, networking and dissemination and was established in 2003. The aim of the UCD Centre for Financial Markets (CFM) is to facilitate and promote financial research of the highest international standard. Research activities of the CFM cover the full gamut of empirical and theoretical exploration of financial markets.

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UCD Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO)

UCD Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO) is home to a multi-disciplinary research community.  Housed primarily within UCD’s College of Business, our local community of researchers is embedded within a wider network of international scholars who share specific concerns about, and orientations to, a variety of contemporary technical/social challenges. 

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Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration and Employment Relations

The Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration and Employment Relations explores the tensions, challenges and possibilities that the interventionist turn in the EU's new economic governance regime poses to employment relations.

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Collaborative Research Centres

At UCD, our community of world class academics conduct research that makes fundamental discoveries with real, far-reaching impact for industry and society.  Our faculty are actively engaged in a range of multi-disciplinary and collaborative research centres both in Ireland and internationally. 


AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) is a Science Foundation Ireland funded centre that provides a partnership between leading researchers in materials science and industry. We are researching materials that will transform everyday products of the future, from mobile phones to knee implants, batteries to plastics. AMBER brings together Ireland’s leading material science researchers working across the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Bioengineering and Medicine; with an international network of collaborators and companies. AMBER has a track record in delivering excellent science with 21 ERC awardees since 2013 and over €45 million secured in EU and International research funding.

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BiOrbic, the SFI Bioeconomy Research Centre is Ireland’s national bioeconomy research centre, established to promote and develop Ireland’s bioeconomy through excellent research and innovation.  BiOrbic is a national collaboration of over 100 researchers including Prof Donna Marshall, Prof Andrea Prothero, Dr Enrico Secchi along with postdoctoral researchers Dr Aideen O’Dochartaigh and Dr Orlagh Reynolds from the College of Business, focused on the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

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UCD Earth Institute

The UCD Earth Institute fosters multidisciplinary research and works with stakeholders to address national, regional and global environmental challenges. The Earth Institute has over 100 members and 200 associate members, spread across 20 of the University’s Schools, and has active links with a wide range of collaborators and stakeholders. It is home to state-of-the-art research laboratories in the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science and is a focal point for UCD’s environmental research. 

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UCD Energy Institute

The UCD Energy Institute plays an integral role in the energy transition, endorsing a net zero carbon energy system, promoting modernised integrated energy systems while empowering citizens through education, innovation and digitalisation. The institute drives the evolution of research into practice and into action and strives to:

  • Close the research to industrial deployment gap
  • Influence energy policy implementation at Irish and EU level
  • Grow and strengthen a positive international profile
  • Impact constructively on economic growth
  • Develop a talent pipeline and graduate training for the Irish energy sector

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Financial Mathematics and Computation Cluster (FMC2)

The Valuation and Risk (VAR) research initiative brings together the Irish universities of University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU) and Maynooth University (MU), with Irish industry to create breakthrough research in financial studies. VAR (Valuation AND Risk) is a research initiative developed as part of the Financial Mathematics and Computation Cluster (FMC). Established in 2009, the FMC Strategic Research Cluster, funded by Science Foundation Ireland, aims to underpin the future development of and employment growth in the international financial services sector in Ireland.

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iCRAG is the SFI Research Centre for Applied Geosciences. iCRAG, the world leading SFI Research Centre in applied geosciences hosted by UCD, comprises 150 researchers across eight universities and institutions. iCRAG is supported by Science Foundation Ireland, the European Regional Development Fund, Geological Survey Ireland and industry partners.

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Lero, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, brings together expert software teams from universities and institutes of technology across Ireland in a co-ordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero’s research spans a wide range of application domains from driverless cars to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, govtech, smart communities, agtech and healthtech.
Hosted by University of Limerick, Lero’s academic partners include Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Maynooth University, National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Munster Technological University, Waterford Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology.

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