The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to profound changes in people’s working lives. While there has been considerable commentary and speculation as to the nature of these changes, we have little reliable evidence as to how and to what extent the pandemic has reshaped work in Ireland and with what consequence for workers’ job quality and well-being. 

A new study led by Professor John Geary of University College Dublin that includes Dr Maria Belizon of UCD and researchers from NERI addresses this gap in our knowledge by conducting a major survey of workers (both employed and self-employed) in Ireland. 

The fieldwork for the UCD Working in Ireland Survey 2021 was undertaken by Ipsos MRBI between May and August 2021. A nationally representative sample of 2,076 of working people aged 16 and over participated in the survey. As it was not possible to carry out in-person interviews at the time, the survey was administered over the (mobile) phone by using a random digit dial methodology. Respondents were asked a series of screening questions to ensure they qualified for the research including age and employment status.

The data file is currently being prepared for analysis and we expect first findings to be available from early 2022.

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