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At CeBaS, we recognise the challenges facing business and society. CeBaS engages in research, connections and actions that help to solve these challenges.

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About Us

CeBaS is a large, multi-disciplinary centre with over 30 full-time faculty, representing all aspects of business. As a community we want to understand and contribute to the role of business and business education in shaping a better society.

Our inclusive centre engages with diverse groups including business, government, unions, civil society, consumer and academic communities in order to contribute to solving today’s global business and societal challenges.

We aim to cultivate informed, critical and ethical thinkers and doers, among our students and members and to develop and support doctoral students and post-doctoral and early-career researchers, who are key to the future of CeBaS. CeBaS works on the basis of inclusion, integrity and courage.

CeBaS is committed to Researching, Connecting and Acting. Researching the most challenging issues facing our world today. Connecting with different organisations, government, civil society groups and communities to create solutions for these challenges. Acting through promoting responsible business behaviours; informing the media and the public; and providing education to advance business sustainability, responsibility and leadership.

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