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The MSc in Financial Data Science is at the cutting edge of emerging digital technologies and data analysis in Finance.

91% of our graduates from this programme were employed after 6 months across a range of industry sectors. Source: Latest Graduate Outcomes Survey, published in December 2023.

The programme provides an enviable array of career options upon graduation including:

Alumni Insights

Saurath Shetty

MSc Financial Data Science 2022, Assistant Vice President – Custody Ops Readiness Team, Citibank Europe

"As a proud alumnus of the MSc Financial Data Science, I can confidently say that this degree has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the world of finance. The curriculum is well-structured and designed to provide a solid foundation in finance, data analysis, and machine learning. As a result of the classes' overall value and the knowledge they imparted, I graduated with my career off to a flying start. Since completing my degree, I believe I apply the knowledge I learned to my career every day. UCD prepared me for the challenges I would encounter once I entered the job market, which enabled me to start working right away and be successful in my position thus far. All of the knowledge that was provided to me during my Master’s program laid the groundwork for my career, which has flourished since. I am truly very proud to be a graduate of such a prestigious institution."

UCD Careers Network

The UCD Smurfit Career Development Centre team will work with you to define your career path and support you in developing the career-related skills, know-how, and confidence to pursue your post-MSc career goals.

Our holistic programme is designed to support you at key points in your career development.  Our programme is structured into three key stages, designed to support you in building and driving your own career.

A variety of workshops, events, one-to-one career appointments and access to a range of online tools and resources prepare you for future opportunities. 

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