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This degree programme offers a broad range of management subjects and the experience of a very diverse learning environment. Both contribute to an especially rich learning experience that will help to accelerate your career with your current employer or to help open up new employment opportunities. Our MSc Management programme is:


Below reflects the curriculum for the 2023/24 Academic Year.

This Programme offers a broad range of theoretically rigorous and practically relevant business knowledge and skills and is taught via a number of core modules delivered through a purpose designed online environment.*

Provisional Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2 


Provisional Year 2

Semester 1 Semester 2

*Please be advised that the above modules are indicative and can be subject to change.

Taster Topic

Get a feel for our innovative online learning environment and what it's like to undertake the MSc Management Online by sampling one of our modules.  Prospective students can gain a real insight into the programme by completing the 'Leading Change' topic from our 'Global Leadership & Teams' module.  This online taster topic is based upon an actual topic delivered on the programme  and will will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

The MSc Management programme is aimed at students who are looking to enhance their prior qualifications with a business/management specialisation (Purpose).  We encourage students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers and autonomous learners, whose objective is to both understand and apply current approaches to management and to make strides in reimagining a future practice of management (Education and subject/discipline/professional values).  We value research-led learning and thus aim to provide a learning environment that will nurture informed and critical approaches to the study of management (the nature of the learning environment for students).  This programme focuses on approaches such as case study analysis, group project work and business skills development.  By participating in a strategy simulation exercise, students have an opportunity to experience the difficulties associated with management in a dynamic competitive market (key approaches to teaching, learning and assessment).

Programme Competency Goals

Programme Outcomes

Knowledge of the Global Context and Global Mindset: Our MSc graduates will have the knowledge and skills to compete in a global environment


- Use modern management theory and applications on global business contexts

- Experience in working and learning in diverse student groups

Discipline-relevant quantitative knowledge and skills: Our MSc graduates will learn and apply current approaches to management

- Develop competency in recent approaches in management theory

- Analyze management issues in companies and industries

Critical Thinking: Our MSc graduates will enhance their critical thinking skills by analyzing and synthesizing knowledge from theory and cases


- Develop analytical skills

- Critically analyze and evaluate current management practices

- Develop and implement solutions to real-world problems


Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

Our optional Global Leadership Programme (GLP) offers you a unique opportunity to engage in a diverse range of co-curricular professional development activities alongside the modules you take on the Master's programme. Participation in the GLP can give you an advantage over similarly qualified job candidates and increase your readiness for success in the workplace.

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