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The Executive MBA gives you the flexibility to maintain your career momentum and earning power while you study. Working while you study also means you have the opportunity to make swift gains in the workplace by applying what you learn on an ongoing basis. Many participants on the Executive MBA change roles within their organisation either during the programme or shortly after. Some graduates choose to use their EMBA to pursue opportunities with new employers on completion of the programme.

Over the past few years, our MBA graduates have secured new roles in a large number of organisations, including: Google, Novartis, LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook, Kellogg's, Hubspot, EY, Grant Thornton, Roche, PwC, Glanbia, Salesforce, Mainstream Renewable Power, CRH and KPMG, TikTok and Henkel.

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UCD Business Alumni Network

UCD Business Alumni has a global network of over 100,000 graduates in over 100 countries.  Our alumni are leaders in business and are actively involved in the development of the business school.  They include top professionals in local and international companies across a range of different industries.

With a growing network of over 4,000 MBA graduates and a dedicated Smurfit MBA Alumni Association, becoming a Smurfit MBA participant means that you will be invited to join this diverse hub of excellence and can draw on the expertise of the alumni network throughout your career.  To learn more about how you can become involved visit the UCD Business Alumni website.


Alumni Insights

Our Alumni are the ultimate ambassadors of the Smurfit MBA learning experience. They provide the most concrete proof of the excellence that typifies the UCD Smurfit MBA. Visit our MBA Alumni Stories and Video Gallery pages to learn more about the UCD Smurfit MBA and the experiences of our graduates.

Patrick Hollingsworth

Patrick Hollingsworth, EMBA 2022, Pharmacist | Manager

"The unique global aspects of the Executive MBA, in particular the international business trips, and the excellent faculty, provide the knowledge, frameworks and skills required to make a meaningful impact in the modern business world.

It was an amazing and challenging experience that gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a group of extraordinary people, build my network, make lifelong friends, and change the path of my career."

Xiaoxiao Mulhall, EMBA 2022, Senior Product Manager, open eir | Entrepreneur at Heart

"Completing Smurfit's EMBA program was a game-changer for me as it ignited my entrepreneurial spirit and expanded my global perspective. Through the program's emphasis on innovation and strategic thinking, I not only gained the skills to become a successful entrepreneur but also had the opportunity to embark on an enriching international consultancy trip. This experience broadened my horizons, allowing me to apply innovative solutions to real-world challenges on a global scale. Smurfit's EMBA program truly empowered me to drive innovation, launch my own business, and make a lasting impact both locally and internationally."

Clair Daly

Clair Daly, EMBA 2022, Head of People at Quintain Ireland

"Prior to the programme I was advised an MBA will push you outside of your comfort zone and coming from a HR professional background it certainly did that.The MBA at Smurfit was both a challenging and rewarding experience. It taught us how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We were supported during this process of learning & growth by the MBA Smurfit team as well as the high calibre of lecturers who challenged us and taught us much more than we could ever have envisaged. The MBA unveils this inner confidence that you can achieve anything you put your mind to after balancing a full-time career, family and the unexpected hurdles of life that were impossible to forecast."

Tony Korah

Tony Korah, EMBA 2022, Chartered Engineer at Schlumberger

"The Executive MBA at UCD Smurfit helped fulfil a long time ambition of mine to learn and develop business skills from one of the top ranked programmes in the world. However, it became more than just that! By fostering a close network of diverse professionals from multiple industries every bit of the learning experience was profoundly engaging and empowering."  

Shan Wu

Shan Wu, EMBA 2020, VP - Innovation Enablement Lead Analyst at Citi,

“Having worked in a Top 500 IT company for a few years, I felt the need to refuel myself and further improve my career network. The Smurfit EMBA programme seemed to be an ideal choice as it allowed me to carry on my current job while being fully immersed in the systematic curriculum.

I was always looking forward to an opportunity to study in a reputable business school like UCD Smurfit School and join a group of like-minded and aspiring classmates. The programme really tested my time management skills and ability to balance work, study and life. Case study was my favourite part as you need to think like a CEO and challenge as a board member.”

Herman Errico

Herman Errico, EMBA 2023, Founder & CEO Blendgate

"The MBA is the fuel for the leadership engine. Some may think that building a business comes from practical experience, which is true, however, the pace, effectiveness and quality at which you are able to build a business after an MBA are unmatchable. I would have not been in a position to build and launch a technology company in a short timeframe without the MBA.

The Smurfit MBA is a life changing experience, both from a personal and professional perspective."

Maria Godley

Maria Godley, EMBA 2022, Regional Manager (South), Alliance Medical Diagnostic Imaging Ltd.

“Following our trip to Sweden and Denmark, I was inspired to apply for the Global Network week ‘Platforms, Ecosystems, and the New Paradigm for Competition’ at the Stockholm School of Economics, Riga. The Scandinavian culture of creativity, innovation and early adoption has nurtured digital transformation and facilitates these countries to compete successfully in platform ecosystem markets.”

Jim Gannon

Jim Gannon, EMBA 2014, Commissioner at Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU)

"An MBA is an investment - an investment of time and emotion, and of course money. Those considering enrolment need to be open to all forms of learning, open to challenging yourself and open to having others challenge you. To maximise your investment, you need to lean into the experience. It is not just about world class academic staff or the coursework, but also the level of insights and learnings you can garner from your colleagues in the class, and the access you gain to a range of business fora and extra-curricular activities."

Sharon Cunningham

Sharon Cunningham, EMBA 2015, CEO & Co-Founder at Shorla Pharma

"I was motivated to do something meaningful and purposeful; to have a wider impact and create positive change and I’ve always had an appetite for risk. I was lacking confidence, skills and the network, and the MBA gave me all of those things in abundance so that I could embark on the entrepreneurial journey self-assured." 

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