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What will I learn?

The learning objectives of this programme couple conceptual knowledge of Marketing Management with the ability to assimilate and apply concrete skills in a genuine business context. Specifically, our graduates will:

How will I benefit?


Students complete 8 core modules listed below, including a Marketing Project, to be carried out during the summer term.

Autumn Trimester Spring Trimester Summer Trimester


Please be advised that the above reflects the 2023/2024 curriculum structure and is subject to change each year. 

The MSc in Marketing programme is a year-long rigorous course that is designed to create future marketing leaders. It is suitable for graduates from any discipline who are keen to become an effective marketing professional. The key feature of this programme is to give them nearly every tool they might need to succeed in the real world of marketing. This is why we define this program as the training ground of marketing. We aim to accomplish this through three pillars:  knowledge, skills, and practice. In terms of knowledge, we equip students with fundamental as well as cutting-edge ideas on the ever-changing field of marketing. These ideas come from the most recent research conducted within the marketing or related fields, the real-life case studies in which companies go through today, and through the expertise of the best marketing professors in Ireland. In terms of skills, this programme focuses on six core skills that marketing professionals most often need, and the world economic forum deems as critical. These skills are critical thinking, decision making, people management, problem solving, creativity and communication. Every module that we offer develops at least a few of these skills through their teaching and assessment approach. Our third pillar, the practice, brings everything together. This programme gives students plenty of opportunities to put their knowledge and skills into the practice across different contexts so that knowledge and the skills that they acquire will be automatically activated once they are needed.


Programme Goals:

Programme Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of the programme students should be able to:

Marketing Knowledge: Our graduates will be equipped with both fundamental and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of marketing.

Demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals of marketing such as marketing communications, marketing strategy, and consumer behaviour.

Demonstrate an understanding of what is new and forthcoming in the field of marketing. 


Marketing Skills: Our graduates will be equipped with skills that are most needed to become an effective marketing professional.

Demonstrate improved skills that marketeers most often use, including critical thinking, problem solving, people management, decision making, creativity, and communication.

Marketing Practice: Our graduates will be able to apply their knowledge and skills into real-life contexts and be well-prepared to practice marketing once they graduate.

Apply their foundational and cutting-edge theoretical knowledge into practice across different contexts so that these theories will be utilised when they are needed.

Apply appropriate marketing skills (critical thinking, problem solving, people management, decision making, creativity, and communication) across different business and marketing contexts.


Global Leadership Programme (GLP)

Our optional Global Leadership Programme (GLP) offers you a unique opportunity to engage in a diverse range of co-curricular professional development activities alongside the modules you take on the Master's programme. Participation in the GLP can give you an advantage over similarly qualified job candidates and increase your readiness for success in the workplace.

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