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Suitable for graduates from both business and non-business backgrounds, the course is designed to transform graduates into competent marketing professionals.

Future managers must have the capacity to be team players, to motivate and lead others, to communicate and negotiate effectively, and possess excellent interpersonal skills. The MSc in Marketing Practice helps to nurture these skills.

The original learning technique, called “Action Learning”, is the winning premise of the course whereby students fundamentally learn through doing. In undergraduate degrees you learn about management, here you learn to manage.

The MSc in Marketing Practice operates all year round as a professional marketing services provider known commercially as the Marketing Development Programme ( The practical experience gained on this course is like no other, as students, referred to as “Marketing Advisors”, work closely with companies, ranging from start-ups and non-profits, to multinational organisations.

The course is structured like a genuine working day, with defined business hours, genuine commercial projects for external corporate clients and a real office set-up at UCD to replicate real-life work conditions.

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% Employed after 6 months

11 Months

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September 2019


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