The Centre for Doctoral Research, a dedicated facility to Business Research, plays host to students from different countries and backgrounds, who work with our leading academics in a variety of research areas – Accounting, Banking & Finance, IR & HR, Management, Marketing and MIS in both Full-time and Part-time capacities.

Current PhD Students



Student NamePhD Thesis TitleSupervisor
Maria Scanlon The impact of the negotiation process on the quality of financial reporting Professor Niamh Brennan 
Emma O'Grady 

An analysis of the multi-faceted value of healthcare delivered for patients with Cystic Fibrosis in an era of CFTR modulator therapy, a collaborative paediatric study

Professor  Gerardine Doyle 
Xuanyu Yue Investment Strategies for companies for Low-carbon Development Policy in China Dr Julie Byrne

Min Cao 

Airline Failure and Distress Prediction. - A New Model Derived from Market-based Information

Dr Tom Conlon 

Kushagra Jain

Spillovers: Categorization, Causality, Pricing, Risk Management

Professor John Cotter & Dr Tom Conlon 

Monia Magnani

Pricing of the Cross Section of Commodity Futures with Macro-Founded Stochastic Discount Factors  Professor John Cotter & Dr Tom Conlon  

Ioannis Ropotos

Multiscale Stochastic Volatility Models with L´evy type innovations

Professor John Cotter & Dr Tom Conlon  

Zhannur Issayev

Developing a robust and reliable methodology for estimating yield curves for illiquid markets using the Nelson-Siegel model Professor John Cotter & Dr Tom Conlon   
Illia Kovalenko  Tail risk estimator and future returns forecast Professor John Cotter & Dr Tom Conlon   
Gabija Zdanceviciute Explainable ML in Corporate Credit Ratings Professor Andreas Hoepner
Yumeng Gao Market reaction to financial disclosure regulations Professor Andreas Hoepner & Dr Sha Liu
Diego Perez Guisande

An evaluation of the possible advantages of being a contributor in an IBOR panel

Professor Andreas Hoepner & Dr Conall O’Sullivan
Fabiola Schneider 

Climate change: An operational risk factor on access to finance for fossil fuel enterprises

Professor Andreas Hoepner 
Shivam Agarwal  Regulatory risk in financial institutions  Dr Cal Muckley 

Sinian Zheng 

Empirical Asset pricing in Chinese Stock Market by Machine Learning  Dr Alessia Paccagnini 

Yuting Chen

Sentiment and Narrative-augmented Bubble Detection and Prediction Professor Valerio Poti
Yang Zhao The Determinants of IPO Withdrawal - An Empirical Analysis of China (Technology & Industrial Sectoe) Professor Ronan Powell

Ronald Wafula

Market liquidity from a market microstructure perspective 

Dr Vassilios Papavasiliou


Ziye Luan

Board independence and capital structure

Dr Yajun Xiao

Agnese D'Anna 

The Covid pandemic, the EU’s economic governance regime and labour politics.

Dr Roland Erne
Costanza Galanti 

Nurses’ and care workers’ unions facing New Economic Governance’s impact on health care in Italy and Romania. What transnational and trans-occupational class reactions?

Dr Roland Erne
Mary Naughton 

Victims & Architects

Dr Roland Erne
Vincenzo Maccarrone  A tale if two countries? The impact of the new European economic givernance on the Irish and Italian systems of industrial relations  Dr Roland Erne
Sid McDonnell

Implementing Workplace Well-being Programmes: A view from Institutional Theory 

Professor Anne Keegan  
Dhuha Al-Mujadedi Financialisation & HRM Dr Colm McLaughlin
Bejamin Siedler Income Inequality and Organizations Dr Rashedur Chowdhury
Samir Mirdad Global Manufacturing Practices: The impact of national culture on process innovation Professor Brian Fynes
Michalis Louis  Sustainability risk management in global supply chains : A dynamic capabilities perspective  Professor Mark Pagell
Kevin Walsh  Why some regions are more successful at innovating than others? Dr Rory O'Shea

Fernandos Ongolly

The Role of Health Advocates in Access to Medicines: A Comparative Study of Essential Medicines Last Mile Issues in Low and High Income Settings.

Professor Susi Geiger 
Vanja Medugorac Consumer behaviour in an Integrated Energy System Dr Gertje Schuitema
Charity Delmus Alupo Understanding residential electricity consumers demand needs and renewable energy supply capabilities using explainable machine learning models Dr Paula Carroll
William Fahey Optimisation of Biopharamceutical Manufacturing Processes using Business Analytics Dr Paula Carroll
James FitzPatrick  Optimisation solutions for SmartGrid applications leveraging machine learning techniques Dr Paula Carroll
Terry Hoare  Graph database context-enhanced deep learning and explainable AI Dr Paula Carroll
Andrea Berger Inventing infrastructure: The case of the development of a National Postcode System in Ireland. Dr Seamas Kelly
Mark Connor Designing optimal training prescription systems for elite team sport athletes.  Professor Michael O'Neill 
Le Hai Nam Statistical model selection in genetic programming Professor Michael O'Neill
Stefano Mauceri One-Class Time Series Classification Dr Miguel Nicolau


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