The Centre for Doctoral Research, a dedicated facility to Business Research, plays host to students from different countries and backgrounds, who work with our leading academics in a variety of research areas – Accounting, Banking & Finance, IR & HR, Management, Marketing and MIS in both Full-time and Part-time capacities.

Current PhD Students



Student Name   PhD Thesis Title Supervisor
Emma O'Grady  Accounting 

VALue In Delivery of care for children with Cystic Fibrosis – VALID-CF Study

Professor Gerardine Doyle
Min Cao  Banking & Finance  Composite jet fuel cross-hedging \ Default risk drivers in the US tourism industry Dr Thomas Conlon
Ioannis Ropotos Banking & Finance   To be confirmed 

Dr Thomas Conlon & Professor John Cotter 

Yike Wang  Banking & Finance   Asset pricing via machine learning

Dr Thomas Conlon

Min Zhang Banking & Finance  

To be confirmed 

Dr Thomas Conlon & Professor John Cotter 
Xiaomeng Wang  Banking & Finance  

To be confirmed 

Professor John Cotter 
Ya Gao  Banking & Finance  

Examining benefits and barriers to stakeholders for transiting to a net zero carbon system (TBC)

Dr Julie Byrne

Gabija Zdanceviciute

Banking & Finance   Essays on Machine Learning in Sustainable finance Professor Andreas Hoepner

Tian Tao 

Banking & Finance  Analyzing Racial Discrimination in Bank Loan Rates using
Machine Learning Techniques
Professor Cal Muckley

Gopinath Ramkumar

Banking & Finance  To Be Confirmed Dr Conall O'Sullivan 

Xiaodong Yang

Banking & Finance

To Be Confirmed Dr Conall O'Sullivan & Dr Richard McGee

Sinian Zheng 

Banking & Finance   Empirical Asset pricing in Chinese Stock Market by Machine Learning  Dr Alessia Paccagnini 

Mingchuan Zhou

Banking & Finance Essay on Bayesian Vector Auto-Regression for Large Macro-Finance Dataset Forecasting Dr Alessia Paccagnini & Professor Cal Muckley

Yuting Chen

Banking & Finance   Economic Narratives, Investor Behaviors and Financial Markets Professor Valerio Poti & Professor Don Bredin 

Lanxin Lu

Banking & Finance  

Financial Portfolio Optimization, Using Deep Learning, Time Series Analysis, and Inverse Optimization Methods.

Professor Valerio Poti & Dr Richard McGee
Ronald Wekesa Wafula Banking & Finance  

Market liquidity from a microstructure perspective

Dr. Vassilios Papavassiliou
Ruoyu Gao  Banking & Finance   To be Confirmed  Professor Ronan Powell
Yuwei Wang  Banking & Finance 

To be Confirmed 

Professor Ronan Powell
Owen O'Connor   HRM & Employment Relations

Sustainable Careers in Cybersecurity: how cybersecurity professionals envision and construct sustainable careers

Professor Anne Keegan  
Sid McDonnell HRM & Employment Relations

Implementing Workplace Well-being Programmes: A view from Institutional Theory 

Professor Anne Keegan  
Brad Aaron Patrick Carson Management   How crisis spurs innovation and creativity in leadership and organizational culture  Dr Julia Backmann
Musa Afandiyev Management Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Entrepreneurial re-entry after business failure. Dr Orla Byrne & Dr Julia Backmann

Chunxia Wang 


Effect of Learning from Failure on the Subsequent Innovation of High-tech Enterprises in China

Dr Dorota Piaskowska 

Fernandos Ongolly


The Role of Health Advocates in Access to Medicines: A Comparative Study of Essential Medicines Last Mile Issues in Low and High Income Settings.

Professor Susi Geiger 

Cheng Ma

Marketing  Nudge for sustainable travel behaviour and policy acceptance (TBC)  Dr. Geertje Schuitema 

Jingyu Xiang


To Be Confirmed 

Annunziata Esposito Amideo

Clíodhna Ní Shé


Optimisation algorithms for last mile and shared mobility on the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network

Dr Paula Carroll 

Dáire Byrne 

MIS  Mathematical Modelling of Energy Markets  Dr Mel Devine 

Andrea Berger 


The re-making of Human Identification Infrastructures (HII) in the European Union after the Schengen Agreement with a focus on asylum case processing in Germany.

Professor Seamas Kelly 

Bing Chen 


To Be Confirmed

Dr Miguel Nicolau & Professor Michael O'Neill

Zhiang Chen


To Be Confirmed

Professor Michael O'Neill 


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