We have deep expertise designing and delivering customised learning solutions

Our solutions relate to real business challenges, and have meaningful impact. Our faculty combine cutting-edge research expertise and cross-industry experience to provide real-world best practices that can be used immediately, accelerating career development and boosting business. UCD Smurfit Executive Development specialise in the following areas of expertise:

Strategy, Leadership & Change

Business Development

Governance and Strategic Finance

Digital Business and Analytics


How we work

We create programmes that address your strategic needs, support behavioural change and strengthen organisational talent. Our results-driven methodology combines the latest research and academic theory, experiential and immersive learning as well as practical application.

Inquire, diagnose and designBuilding engagement

Programme delivery

We get to know you, your business context, and what your people really need to be great leaders, encourage change, and build a better future. We work with you to engage, excite and inspire participants from the beginning, involving them in the programme design and preparing them for their learning journey, through psychometric tests and online on-demand playlists.

Our world-class faculty bring a combination of disciplines and perspectives to develop a richer, more holistic, picture of leadership - one suited to the complexity of the modern business world. In practical terms - we blend face to face, virtual, live and on-demand development and place a large emphasis on experiential learning.


Continuing the learning

Measuring success

Long term partnership

Part of our ethos is to ignite a learning or growth mindset in participants. We don’t believe the learning ends when formal interventions have finished. We follow up with action learning, peer coaching and online playlists, and support our clients to build this mindset internally.

We set our success targets at the start of every programme. This means we can deliver tangible and transparent measurements of the programme’s impact across the organisation.

We create close, contextual partnerships with our clients — not only to understand their objectives and learning preferences at the outset, but to enable the relationship to evolve at every stage, ensuring we remain agile and responsive to changing business needs.

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