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Your organisation is one of a kind, and its executive development programmes should be no exception. Our experienced and relevant faculty works with your executive team from the ground up to develop flexible programmes targeted for immediate results.

The key difference between open enrolment and customised programmes is that the latter provide bespoke learning and development recommendations tailor-made for the development needs of your team or organisation. Hence, the focus is on the collective as opposed to the individual.

Tailored programmes fall between open enrolment and customised in that we can take an existing open enrolment programme and fit it more closely to the needs of your organisation. The focus is on the collective with the key difference being that tailored programmes require less design and development than a customised programme.

Key Advantages

Design and develop programmes addressing a critical development need or strategic challenge within your team or organisation

Custom-designed learning materials developed in the real-life context of your organisation

Create powerful networks and collaborative opportunities within the team or across the organisation

Create a powerful momentum for change and enhanced effectiveness

Measure results in real time demonstrating the application of learning in dealing with the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation

Develop powerful professional networks to help explore new concepts and ideas

Our Process

We conduct an exacting needs assessment that uncovers your organisation’s underlying issues and challenges. An integral part of the process, the assessment requires commitment and buy-in from senior leaders as the process unfolds.

Faculty and programme development executives develop the curriculum and learning materials based on the objectives that have been outlined by key individuals from your firm. Every aspect of a customised programme— from classroom activities and web-based exercises to project teams and social events - is tailored to optimise learning and maximise the educational process.

Ongoing collaboration and a commitment to service and flexibility ensure that the programme not only creates a high-impact learning experience for you, but also leads to your company’s desired outcome.

The School’s readiness to work with your company continues long after the programme concludes in whatever capacity is needed. In an effort to examine, evaluate, and refresh the learning experience, a range of activities can be conducted to generate informative feedback - from surveying participants and company sponsors to reviewing the programme’s objectives, content, and methodologies.

This in-depth approach often leads to the fine-tuning of various components and significantly improves the learning experience for successive company groups. The discovery of novel ways for participants to apply their learning also increases the impact of future programmes. Moreover, the faculty’s commitment to stay informed about changes within your company, your strategic challenges, and your goals greatly contributes to the programme’s long-term success.

Client Case Studies

Bord Bia

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, acts as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world. Their objective is to develop markets for Irish suppliers and to bring the taste of Irish food to more tables worldwide. With its headquarters in Dublin, Bord Bia has an extensive network of overseas offices. View the Bord Bia Client Case Study here


ICON is a global provider of outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. They specialise in the strategic development, management and analysis of programmes that support clinical development – from compound selection to Phase I-IV clinical studies. In a highly-fragmented industry, they are one of a small group of organisations with the capability and expertise to conduct clinical trials and development projects on either a local or global basis. ICON also has the operational flexibility to provide development services on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated “full service” solution. View the ICON Client Case Study here

Department of the Taoiseach

The Department of the Taoiseach plays an important strategic role in supporting the work of the Taoiseach and the Government in resolving the challenges of the economic crisis, implementing the Programme for Government and in building a fairer society and a better future for Ireland. View the Department of an Taoiseach Client Case Study here


Alltech is one of the top 10 largest animal health companies globally. The company has turnover in excess of $1 billion and operates in 182 countries. In conjunction with UCD Smurfit School, Alltech developed a tailored mini-MBA training programme for the company’s senior executives, which has now been running for more than a decade. The need arose in 1999 when Alltech management identified a difficulty in accessing the right quality and quantity of people of MBA standard to join their company as the agribusiness sector was not attractive to them. View the Altech Client Case Study here.

Alison Monaghan

Alison Monaghan

Head of Business Development (Customised)

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