UCD Smurfit Executive Development ranked 42nd in the World by Financial Times Rankings

UCD Smurfit Executive Development has been ranked 1st in Ireland, 27th in Europe and 42nd in the world for its Open Enrolment programmes according to the prestigious 2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings. This year is our first year participating in the Customised programmes ranking, and we are delighted to announce we placed 85th globally and 47th in the European top 50. By offering a world-class range of customised, diploma and open enrolment programmes, Smurfit Executive Development helps executives and their organisations create new opportunities to drive growth and create value. Click here to read latest FT ranking news.

The quality of any executive development programme depends on the calibre of those who choose to pursue it, as participants will often challenge each other as much as their professors. Therefore, Smurfit Executive Development attracts the best candidates by maintaining our reputation as a world-class leading business school. Together with the faculty’s extensive business experience, this enables us to create a stimulating environment fit for the best business minds in the world.

We are also in the fortunate position of being located in Dublin, where thousands of overseas companies have made their home. In 2015, the Irish Economy grew at a rate of 7.8% - the fastest rate in Europe. While being the only English speaking country in the Eurozone, over half of Irish residents speak a foreign language and 17% of the population is of international origin. Learn more about what Dublin has to offer.

Why Smurfit?

Our multi-faceted approach ensures all our programmes offer a 360-degree learning experience which, by giving you a chance to step back from your daily responsibilities, offers a clearer vision of where your future could lead. It provides you with fresh insights on your professional and personal strengths, strategies for taking your leadership skills to the next level, and a network of peers whose challenges mirror your own. You will return to your organisation with a refreshed and informed view of how to tackle the challenges you face and a new set of leadership skills that you will have forged for yourself.

Programmes are structured to ensure that you interact closely with both UCD faculty and other senior executives. A combination of lectures, business simulations and small group discussions will foster collaboration with and learning from peers from various functions, industries, and cultural backgrounds. Group exercises are carefully designed to encourage leadership development inside the classroom and beyond.

Developed around pre-set goals, our programmes will benefit both you and your organisation. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  1. Involvement in each programme is strictly limited to groups of deeply committed individuals displaying a high level of personal responsibility for learning and who commit to extend the lessons learned beyond the classroom.
  2. Programme content and faculty delivery focus on practical ways for you to leverage the content and apply your enhanced expertise within the workplace.
  3. Concepts, insights, models and frameworks, case lessons and best practices can be applied directly to your organisational challenges and personal development.

Upon completion, the on-going value of an executive development programme becomes evident in many ways. Overall, you will acquire a deeper, holistic and shared understanding of your company, as well as a broader perspective on the latest industry trends and strategies. Focused on improving leadership and teamwork skills, each programme explores how to sustain higher levels of trust and transparency, while building more effective communication networks. You will leave inspired to accomplish corporate goals and committed to sharing your learning throughout the organisation.

Contact Us

For information on open enrolment and other individual programmes or to learn how your organisation can partner with UCD for a customised executive development programme, please contact us. There are a number of ways to get in touch with us, and our team is readily available to help answer any questions you may have.

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