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Programme Overview

As a manager or leader, you might be wondering what all the hype is about artificial intelligence (AI)? You might be trying to understand what AI really can and cannot do?  You might be pondering how you can apply machine learning (ML) or analytics to your business? Perhaps Generative AI and Chat-GPT has caught your attention?

New digital technologies are rapidly changing the expectations of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Though many of today’s business leaders are neither technology experts nor digital natives, technology is critical to their ability to keep a business competitive and drive growth. You might be considering delegating these technology decisions to someone more technically savvy, and perhaps more numerate. This would be a mistake.

Today, no matter what industry you’re in, as a business leader you need to grasp what it takes to transform your organisation to reap the full benefits of digital tools and data. And when we enter the realm of AI and analytics, there are also ethical and legal issues to consider that you need to be aware of.

The objective of this diploma is to provide participants with the knowledge, tools, and insights to demystify AI and business analytics and explore their application in their organisation. Real-world examples will be presented to demonstrate the capabilities, limitations, and opportunities provided by these technologies. Participants will discover how to leverage these to create a competitive edge for their business. They will learn how to anticipate trends and outcomes and make informed decisions. Importantly, participants will explore what it takes for success with AI and analytics by analysing cases across diverse industries and organisations.

Key Details

Spring 2025- Dates to be confirmed.

Next Intake

€8,670 & *€8,260 (*UCD Business Alumni)


9 Months


6 X 2 day modules


NFQ Level 9 / 30 ECTS

Accredited / Credits

Module Dates





Module 1: Foundations in AI and Business Analytics

Spring 2025 Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard/ Prof Mike O'Neill

Module 2: How to leverage AI and Analytics

Spring 2025 Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard / Prof Mike O’Neill

Module 3: Demystifying Business Analytics Technology 

Spring 2025 Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard / Prof Mike O'Neill

Module 4: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Technology 

Spring 2025 Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard / Prof Mike O'Neill

Module 5: Ethics, Regulations and Managing Risk

Spring 2025 Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard /  Prof Mike O'Neill

Module 6: What success looks like

Dates TBC

Prof Joe Peppard / Prof Mike O'Neill

MSc Pathway

This standalone diploma also forms part of the optional MSc in Business (Leadership & Management Practice) Pathway. The pathway framework is comprised of nine diploma programmes. If participants successfully complete any three of these nine diplomas within a recommended 5-year timeframe, they are awarded with the MSc in Business (Leadership & Management Practice).

Our portfolio of pathway diplomas build on your existing skill set and add relevant value to your business needs. From corporate governance to leadership development, our diplomas deepen your understanding of contemporary business issues and will help you become a stronger leader who can deal with complex issues in rapidly-changing environments. Our unique teaching method, immersive learning environment and world-class faculty combine to produce an educational experience like no other.

The majority of our diploma programmes are delivered over a series of 6 two-day workshops within a 9-12 month period. The majority of our diploma programmes are assessed on a module-by-module basis through a variety of practical assignments. There are no examinations (excluding the Diploma in Corporate Governance).

Smurfit Executive Development ranked 35th globally in latest 2023 Financial Times Rankings

UCD Smurfit Executive Development has been ranked 35th in the world in the 2023 Financial Times Executive Education Open Enrolment rankings. We are ranked 1st in Ireland and 21st in Europe with an increased overall participant satisfaction rating at 9.33/10.

The only Irish business school ranked in the Open Enrolment rankings, Smurfit Executive Development is globally ranked 25th place for New Skills and Learning, 28th place for Aims Achieved and 28th place for International Location which highlights the extent to which programmes are run off-site and outside the school’s base country and region bringing diversity of thought to the learning environment.

In addition, UCD Smurfit Executive Development ranked 34th for Teaching Methods and Materials, 35th for Course Design and 37th for Faculty. Find out more here.

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