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UCD Smurfit Executive Development has been applying its management expertise on the global stage for many years. Thanks to its extensive experience, know-how, flexibility, rigour and forward-thinking, it has earned an enviable international reputation in the field of management training. When you choose a management programme offered by Smurfit Executive Development, you open the door to a world of opportunity, rich in avenues of reflection and solutions that you can implement to support your growth, to bolster the success of your organisation, and to achieve excellence.


3 reasons why you should participate in international activities:

To equip yourself with the tools you need to fulfil your global ambitions;

To build knowledge that will make you stand out from the crowd; to acquire and/or master skills and aptitudes that will allow you to stay ahead in the race and to surpass yourself through professional development;

To keep abreast of the ever-changing realities of the world economy and to develop the reflexes you need to adapt successfully.

Our Know How

Developed in close collaboration with our partners, our programmes are designed to stimulate reflection, innovation and action in participants facing ever-more demanding local and global contexts.

The broad range of expertise of UCD Smurfit School’s faculty gives participants access to a variety of sectors and themes, including energy, healthcare, transportation, media, sustainable development, innovation, entrepreneurship, family businesses, and multilateral organisations.

Our programmes are rooted in a participatory teaching approach combining practice and theory and incorporates a variety of active learning methodologies such as case studies, simulations, and role-playing. Through our “e-learning” component, we offer an innovative and flexible mode of delivery blending in-class and distance learning.

Our experienced administrative team oversees the quality of training and ensures the full satisfaction of corporate and institutional partners throughout each step of the development and implementation of our programmes.

Helen Brophy

Helen Brophy

Director, Smurfit Executive Development

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