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Action Learning

Our multi-faceted approach ensures all our programmes deliver a 360-degree learning experience, offering participants a clearer vision of where their future could lead. It provides them with fresh insights on their professional and personal strengths, strategies for taking their leadership skills to the next level, and a network of peers whose challenges mirror their own. Participants will return to their organisation with a new set of skills that they will have designed for themselves. Programmes are structured to ensure that participants interact closely with both UCD faculty and other senior executives. A combination of modules, business simulations and small group discussions will foster collaboration with peers from different backgrounds. Group exercises are designed to encourage leadership development beyond the classroom.

Skill Building: Recognising the Importance of Emotional Intelligence and how to raise your EQ

A highlight of Building and Leading High-Performing Teams is the Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment. This exercise begins on Day 1 and continues during the course with feedback and practical exercises to improve your level of emotional awareness of others’ behaviours.


Skill Building with Leinster Rugby: Learning from the world of elite sport in playing to win team challenge

This exercise designed and led by Leinster Rugby takes place at Leinster Rugby’s headquarters, and state of the art training facilities. Participating in this assessment will increase your awareness and understanding of verbal, non-verbal signals, and your ability to make appropriate judgments based on that information. The exercise provides an opportunity for you to test your intuition, identify strengths, discover vulnerabilities, and master a framework for leading change more effectively. 

Guest Speaker, Leinster Rugby

Current and former players share their experiences in intimate, informal dialogue with participants. It is a rare opportunity to learn from their successes (and failures)and fosters continuous growth by the sharing of lessons learned, and advice and opinions in an interactive format.

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